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Powered roof supports DTM

Advance step, m
1,4 – 5,5
Seam thickness, m
7770 – 12600
Shield resistance, kN

Designed for supporting and controlling the roof in mined area of face while operating flat seams of 1.4-5.5 m thickness (different versions).

Provides efficient operation with heavy roof thanks to shield high load capacity not less than 900 kN/m2.

High strength steels of S690QL, A514, 16HGMFTR types with a yield strain of 600…700 MPa used during shields manufacture.

The hardness conformity assesment is performing using the shield load computer 3D-modeling in appropriate software packages (Solidworks etc.) and additionally while testing on ST2000 bench.

Shield lifetime – 60 000 cycles.

Seam thickness, m 1,4 – 5,5
Shield type Shield, support-protection type, double-prop
Resistivity per 1 m2 of supported area, kN/m2 920 – 1400
Shield resistance, kN 7770 – 12600
Advance step, m 0,8…1,0
Centre spacing, m 1,75
Advancing force, kN 643…1005
Shield weight, t (no more than) 24…35
Height (min-max), mm 1200 – 5500
Width, mm 1640, 1690

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