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Armored conveyors with twin outboard chains arrangement SP326

from 0.8 to 1.61
Chain movement speed, m/s
up to 3
Conveyor lifetime, mln t
0,9 – 2,5
Seam thickness, m
320 – 600
Total installed power, kW

Corum Group armored face conveyors and beam stage loaders have been produced using the facilities of Corum Svet Shakhtera plant since nineteen-forties. During the last 20 years there have been manufactured and supplied to the customers more than 1000 armored conveyors, which operate in difficult mining and geological conditions. Now there is no mine in Donetsk Coal Basin without Corum Group conveyor in operation. The supplies geography and company armored conveyors product portfolio keep growing every year.

The construction of the entire conveyor and its separate parts is focused to achieve the high equipment lifetime.

To every armored face conveyor there can be produced a relevant model of beam stage loader – in order to gain unification and substitutability of main units.

Seam thickness, m 0,9 – 2,5
Efficiency, t / h 480 – 1400
Supply length, m up to 320
Total installed power, kW 320 – 600
Rated mains voltage, V 660,1140, 3300
Distance between chains axes, mm 416, 440, 446, 550, 570, 600, 660
Chain movement speed, m/s from 0.8 to 1.61
Number of chains two, inside of pan guides
Chain calibre, mm 24х86 or 26х92 or 30х108Н
Pan height along the sidewalls, mm 245 (casting)
Pan length across sidewalls, mm 1350, 1500
Pan width outside, between the sidewalls, mm 600, 642, 754
Conveyor lifetime, mln t up to 3

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