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Procurement principles and ethics

  • The Company is guided by the principle of free competition among suppliers when planning and conducting supplier selection procedures: the bidders ensure the equality, the fairness, as well as the absence of discrimination and unreasonable restrictions on competition in relation to bidders. Within planning and placing a procurement requirement, it is strictly prohibited to limit the range of bidders to participate in procurement procedures by establishing requirements that do not affect the supplier’s ability to comply with the required time frame and the quality of materials to be procured.
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  • Information about the purchased goods and services is public. It is published as the need for such purchases arises, all commercial offers are accepted exclusively on the Company’s corporate tender platform.
  • The supplier is selected considering the compliance of the received proposals with the Company’s requirements in terms of the quality of products, the required delivery terms and economic efficiency taking into account the terms of payment and deliveries.
  • Only qualified suppliers can supply the Company. Suppliers who violate the fundamental principles of good faith partnerships and ethical relationships may be disqualified and suspended from interacting with the Company. (hyperlink to Section 3)
Corum Tender Platform
As a dynamic company, we have deployed the APS Smart automated procurement management system. This solution will ensure transparency in the supply of materials and components.
Corum Group seeks a mutually beneficial and reliable partnership with its suppliers!
Corum Tenders

Requirements to suppliers

  • The Company’s target credit policy involves working on the terms of the payment deferral.
  • The company provides suppliers with a merchandise lending service from a business partner FUIB (First Ukrainian International Bank) on the optimum conditions of the financial market. Factoring presentation PUMB - CORUM GROUP
  • The Company works with direct producers of goods/works, or the official accredited dealers of such producers.
  • The contractual campaign provides for the conclusion of the Company’s standard agreement which regulates the principles of the cross liability of the parties, essential frame conditions of interaction and contains the mandatory Anti-corruption amendment. Framework supply (purchase) contract
Consistent procedure for the company counterparties’ qualification
Regular purchases of inventory and services for the production program
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Transport logistics services
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Procurement of technological solutions and the design profile services
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Sales of surplus inventory, scrap and other assets
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