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Machine builders of DTEK Energo produced a new roadheader for stable coal mining

Machine builders of DTEK Energo produced a new roadheader for stable coal mining

On the eve of the heating season, machine builders of DTEK Energo produced a new RH110 roadheader. This model will be the most multipurpose at the company's coal enterprises and will help miners to extract coal for thermal power plants.

The new roadheader differs from its predecessors in the improved and enlarged design of cutting tool. All main metal structures that are in contact with the rock mass are made of wear-resistant steel, which will ensure the efficiency of work in difficult mining and geological conditions. The weight of roadheader is almost 55 tons, which is 20% more than previous models. His electric-hydraulic part is manufactured using modern components from leading European companies. All this will ensure increased reliability of miners work.

The control system is equipped with European-made remote controls. Equipment operation parameters are transmitted to the surface dispatcher's console for online monitoring of production indicators. The modernized system for main systems condition diagnostic will reduce the time for maintenance and spare parts replacement planning. This makes the process of roadheader control simpler and more convenient.

"Despite the war and relocation, machine builders continue to provide Ukrainian miners equipment needs. The latest and high-quality equipment is extremely necessary to maintain a steady coal production pace, and therefore - the operation of Ukrainian thermal power plants in autumn and winter. Everything to ensure light and warmth in homes of Ukrainians. Therefore, bringing the new roadheader to the market will provide the country's miners with more reliable, productive and fast mining equipment," said Ildar Saleev, CEO of DTEK Energo.

In general, for a more reliable heating season in Ukraine during January-August this year, the company's machine builders manufactured and repaired 580 units of mining equipment. Among the key products for the needs of miners there are 13 new roadheaders and shearers. Also, during the first eight months of the year, machine builders provided Ukrainian miners with 758,000 spare parts and components.