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Corum Group launches production of consumables and spare parts for mines

Corum Group launches production of consumables and spare parts for mines

A new workshop for the production of consumables and spare parts was launched at Corum Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant (DTEK Energy). It will produce shaft reinforcing anchors, roller bearings and fire pipes. The new production facility will provide miners with high-quality products, and Druzhkovites with new jobs.

“At our plant, we produce mining equipment, spare parts and components for it. In total - more than 200 items. An honest and open dialogue helps us build long-term partnerships with our clients. We are ready to develop new products that are in demand on the market,” commented Tatyana Kalugina, director of Corum Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant.

The company will invest more than UAH 28 million into the production facility and will create 79 new jobs. Now the premises are being renovated and production equipment is being installed. While the production lines of the workshop are being built, the plant is working on the necessary documentation and manufacturing test anchors. This year as early as February the plant will ship the first 6,000 anchors ordered by DTEK Pavlogradugol. Also, the company will gradually master the production of roller bearings and fire pipes.  All lines of the new workshop are expected to be fully operational in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The main products of Corum DrM-BP plant are mining equipment: powered roof supports, roadheaders, mine wheeled vehicles, belt conveyors, hoisting equipment, main fans, arch support elements, equipment for mine construction.