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Roadheader RH110

Prize-winning technique
Cutting drive power, kW
Weight, t

The mid-range roadheader is designed for rock mass cutting and loading mechanization when preparing arched, trapezoidal and rectangular-shaped tunnels with a cross-section from 11 to 30 m2 in raw form, with an inclination angle of ±12°, cutting through coal, rock or mixed ones with collapsible rock resistance up to 100 MPa and abrasiveness up to 15 mg in mines dangerous for gas or dust.

Cutting body gearbox modular design can be equipped, depending on the client's wishes, with a gearbox with both transverse and longitudinal axial arrangement of cutting crowns.

Separate chassis hydraulic drive provides high maneuverability and can be used without fail in flooded tunnels.

Roadheader loading stars are not kinematically connected and work independently, which ensures high unit reliability.

Feeder working surface is reinforced with replaceable sheets of wear-resistant steel, which increases unit's resistance to abrasive wear.

Scraper conveyor construction uses a reliable rotary section without application of flexible sheets and installed wear-resistant steel, which increase unit service life.

Control system is built on the PLC programmable logic controller basis, manufactured for use in difficult operating conditions.

Control system is equipped with a roadheader hydraulic system condition diagnostic tool, with pressure measurement in pipelines and indication of filter elements contamination state.

Actual electric motors heating temperature monitoring with data log recording and online transfer to the surface is implemented in control system.

Control system has an updated data visualization interface directly on roadheader monitor.

Ultimate strength of mined rock, MPa 100
Cutting drive power, kW 132
Minimum tunnel cross-section, m2 11
Maximum tunnel cross-section, m2 30
Tunnel inclination, deg ±12
Ultimate ground pressure, MPa 0,14
Cutting crowns diameter, mm 1050
Working pressure in roadheader hydraulic system, MPa 200
Feeder type supporting
Type of loading stars drive hydraulic
Type of crawlers drive motor-gearbox
Roadheader remote control yes
Weight, t 55

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