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The Company's official position

The Company's official position
23 Декабря 2014

In connection with the publication by Bacho Korchilava on his Facebook page of the information that the representatives of the so-called “DNR” fabricate mortars and plan to start manufacture of pneumatic guns in the territory where formerly Corum Donetskgormash facilities were located, Corum recalls that since August 11, 2014 the activities of the company Corum Donetskgormash were temporarily suspendedAnd on August 28 they were completely stopped due to the plant take-over by the “DNR” representatives.

As a reminder, currently Corum has no control over the production sites of Corum Donetskgormash, Corum Gorlovsky Machine-Building Plant and Corum Donetsky Energozavod and respectively has no relation to the activities carried out there. Manufacture of machinery of these facilities has been transferred to other sites of the company, in particular to Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant and Corum Svet Shakhtyora.

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