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Staff Changes in Corum Group

Staff Changes in Corum Group
22 Апреля 2015

SCM Group announces the appointment of Yakov Sidlyarenko to the position of the CEO of Corum Group, a machine-building holding. Yevgeniy Romashchin, who had headed Corum Group (Scientific and Production Company “Mining Machines” before the rebranding) since 2010, decided to continue his career outside the Group.

On April 22, 2015, Yakov Sidlyarenko was appointed Corum Group’s CEO. Mr Sidlyarenko joined SCM Group in 2010 by occupying the position of an investment manager of SCM Group’s machine-building business; he was a member of Corum Group’s Supervisory Board.

“First of all, I would like to thank Yevgeniy Romashchin for the great work that he and his team made in Corum Group. Out of disconnected plants manufacturing mining equipment, he managed to form a holding capable to implement large-scale turnkey infrastructure projects, not only in Ukraine, but also in the international market. I am convinced that Yakov Sidlyarenko, who has been dealing with the Group’s machine-building business for the recent several years and knows the specific character of this business quite well, will provide a new impetus to the holding development and help it to survive during this difficult period”, said Nikolay Nesterenko, SCM Group’s Director of New Business Development.

This is how Yakov Sidlyarenko commented on his appointment to the position of Corum Group’s CEO: “I am sincerely grateful to SCM Group’s management for the professional support that I experienced during my work for the Group and for the confidence that I am vested. Corum Group has over a hundred years of history of development and manufacture of equipment for the mining industry; the Group has a serious scientific, engineering and manufacturing potential. In Ukraine, where the largest customers of the holding are concentrated and our manufacturing facilities are located, it is extremely difficult to operate nowadays. But this is why the professional challenge that I am and the entire team of Corum Group is facing is even more interesting”.

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SCM Group is a professional investor, the management company of the largest financial and industrial group in Ukraine, whose activities are focused on three major business sectors: mining and metal making, electric power production and finance, as well as telecommunications, media business, realty, retail trade, production of minerals, trade in oil products, agriculture, machine-building and logistics.

SCM Group consists of Metinvest Holding and DTEK, First Ukrainian International Bank and Renaissance Capital, ASKA and ASKA Life, Ukrtelecom, Vega Telecommunication Group, Ukraine Media Group, ESTA Holding (realty), Ukrainian retail (retail trade), UMG (production of minerals), Parallel (an operator of the market for oil products), Harvest (agriculture), Corum Group, a machine-building holding, Portinvest, a logistics holding etc.

SCM Group’s CEO: Oleg Popov.

100% of SCM Group’s shares are owned by Rinat Akhmetov, a businessman.

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