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New pump of Corum manufacture delivered to Ferrexpo Poltava Mining

New pump of Corum manufacture delivered to Ferrexpo Poltava Mining
9 Февраля 2015

Recently one of our key customers – Poltavsky mining and processing combine of Ferrexpo – has received a new NP-800 pump for use. This equipment was fabricated by the specialists of Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Machinery.

“NP-800 pump is a centrifugal barrel pump with verti­cal pressure branch pipe designed to pump over abrasive pulps (tailings, ferrous metal ores) and used at the mining and processing combines. Poltavsky MPC is a regular customer of this equipment, pointed out Valery Krupitsky, Director of Corum Ukraine. Our plant Corum KPMM is engaged in fabrication of new pumps and repair of similar ones, which allows extending the portfolio of products and services and therefore ensuring maximum satisfaction of our customers' requirements".

As a reminder, Corum KPMM has more than 40 years of experience in fabrication of such pumps. In addition, the Plant renders a wide range of aftersales services, which enables to build promising relations with our customers - mining and processing combines in Ukraine and abroad.


Basic parameters of the equipment:

This product is characterized by usage of wear-resistant multialloy IChKh (high-chromium cast iron) for fabrication of its operating members which are in contact with pulp (being under high abrasive load at the same time).


Key performances:

- pump head - 71 m;

- pumping capacity -8,000 m3/hour;

- weight - according to specification;

- pump impeller revolution rate - 6.08 (365) 1/s (rpm);

- pump power - at most 2,400 kWt – 2,400.



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Core competence of Corum is an expertise in the mining business. The company is focused on providing high-tech integrated solutions, manufacturing and service of equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals, as well as the construction of mines.


Corum includes production, assembly and repair sites in Ukraine and Russia, trading Companies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Vietnam.


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