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Mining Machines to renew minecart fleet of Donetskstal Group

18 Июня 2013

Mining Machine - a Ukrainian leader in mining equipment, will manufacture 150 minecarts VG2,5-900 for coal company Pokrovskoe (Donetskstal Group). New underground transport will have high technical performance and long operational life.

Druzhkovsky Engineering factory will use high quality metal to manufacture wheelsets moving parts which can operate under high dynamic load. Minecart buckets will be made of 6mm carbon steel sheet with increased resilience which can perform damping function during loading process. Minecarts will be used for coal and rock haulage on 900 mm railway.

- Pokrovskoe coal company is a strategic partner of SIC Mining Machines in the Ukrainian market, - Alexandr Kovalchuk, the head of Shearing and Tunneling Equipment Division of Mining Machines, noted – Every year Mining Machines manufactures powered roof supports, underground railroad transport, catch gears and spare parts, and also conducts under and post guarantee service for the coal company.

VG2,5 haulage minecarts are the most manufactured railroad haulage transport in Mining Machines. The Company has manufactured over 1 million minecarts.

Mining Machines manufactures
headgear sheave for OJSC Belaruskali

The Mining Machines company - the leader in mining equipment manufacturing in Ukraine, manufactured a headgear sheave for OJSC Belaruskali. The equipment manufactured in due time with 6 meter wound diameter will move the cage in one of the potassium pits of Belaruskali.

The sheave is manufactured at Druzhkovsky Engineering factory from special steel grades which can tolerate down to -200C ambient temperature. The equipment can operate all year round in potassium pits. On demand of the client the sheave's wheel nave consists of two separable sections which is convenient for transportation and installation.

The company „Mining Machines“ represented with Vladimir Merzliking, Director of Infrastructural Equipment Division, took part in the meeting of the 5th session on trading, economic, technologicalandscientificcooperationthattookplace on 2013 in New Delhi (India).

Ukrainian intergovernmental commission that represented the company expressed their readiness to cooperation with regard to constructing and equipping the new mines, as well as improving the mechanization of mines in operation. In particular, our company informed about the planned opening of a representative office in India, and presented the thin bed mining technologies that are important for the coal mining industry of India in general. Besides, we held several negotiations with Indian companies in terms of the equipment delivery to upgrade and to mechanize several mines, and to educate Indian mining specialists on the basis of Ukrainian universities.

Company’s intentions on entering the market of India were supported by Igor Prasolov, Minister of economic development and trade. He devoted the major part of his speech to this issue during the business forum and when meeting EdapakatkhAhamed, Minister of internal affairs of India. The Minister said that trading and economic cooperation with India was one of the important external economic priorities of Ukraine.

* Please be reminded that the development of relations with key customers in the target markets (India is one of them) is the strategic area for the development of „ Mining Machines“.

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