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Energy Saving Brings UAH 10.5 Million to Corum

Energy Saving Brings UAH 10.5 Million to Corum
15 Июля 2015

As a result of the implementation of energy saving measures, Corum Group considerably reduced resource consumption in 2014. Water consumption by the Group’s plants was reduced by 8.5%, while consumption of energy resources decreased by over 30%.

“Energy saving is an integral part of a modern business. Today, it is not only a social component, but also an instrument which enables to save and earn. Last year, we saved over UAH 10.5 million on resource consumption alone. The energy saving principles are important to our customers, too: many years ago, forward-looking companies came to the conclusion that one-time investments in high quality energy efficient equipment could bring considerable profits in the future. We are constantly working on improvement of our machinery and equipment to reach maximal efficiency in resource consumption and maximal productivity. For example, the efficiency of the KNF front cutting system has increased by over 25% compared with its predecessor: 10 meters per day instead of 8 meters with similar rock strength”, Yakov Sidlyarenko, Corum Group’s CEO, says.

The UDK400 shearer demonstrates the unique efficiency rate, too, which enables miners to entrap 15% less rock when they win thin beds*. The engineering peculiarities of the machine enable to fit in the bed as accurately as possible and to cut the least quantity of rock compared with any other its analogues. In the end, this allows miners to reach considerable reductions of resources required to produce coal. In 2014, the UDK400 manufactured by Corum set a Ukrainian record in producing coal from thin beds: 100 thousand tonnes per month.

*shallow layers (thin beds)

The coal industry classifies coal layers according to their thickness: very shallow layers (0.5 – 0.7 v), shallow layers (0.71 – 1.2 m), medium layers (1.21 – 3.5 м) thick layers (over 3.5 m). Possibilities to use mining equipment become significantly difficult as the amount of layer inclination increases.


Information about the Group


Corum Group is one of the largest manufacturers of machinery and equipment and suppliers of comprehensive solutions in the mining industry.


Corum Group today comprises: the Underground Mining Division, the Division of Projects in Infrastructure, the Open-pit Mining Division and the trading companies and representative offices in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Poland and China.


The Group’s key customers are 14 largest mining holdings, whose assets include 150 mines and pits. Corum’s machinery and equipment are operated at mining facilities in 15 countries of the world.


Financial performance during Quarter 1 of 2015: consolidated proceeds amounted to UAH 407.8 million (a 7.7% increase quarter to quarter), EBITDA – UAH 16.9 million (EBITDA margin 4.1). The share of export in the total sales volume is over 30%.


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