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Corum Ships Large Equipment Consignment for SUEK

Corum Ships Large Equipment Consignment for SUEK
30 Июня 2015

The shipment of a large-sized bucket and a consignment of spare parts for SUEK, one of the world leading coal mining companies, has been made according to the contract for delivery of components for five ESh 20/90 walking excavators operated in Tugnuisly and Chernogorsky strip mines (in Buriatia and Khakasia, respectively).

The Open-pit Mining Division modernised the travel mechanism of the walking excavators, which enables the customer to increase its coal extraction volumes by a third. Now, relocation of the machinery from one production site to another takes three times less time; besides, its emergency downtime is minimised.


“For the recent three years, Corum has modernised about ten walking systems of ESh excavators. We could do it owning to our Group’s design potential, enabling us to introduce continuous improvements in our equipment and to offer most non-standard solutions and favourable conditions in various markets. By the way, currently, there are no analogues of this modernised travel mechanisms of walking excavators in Ukraine and the CIS member countries”, - Stepan Sanagurskiy, Director of the Open-pit Mining Division.


The following stage of equipment delivery under the on-going contract will be made at the end of Quarter 3 of the current year.



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Corum Group’s key competence is expertise in the mining business. The Group’s operation focuses on provision of highly technological comprehensive solution, manufacture and service of machinery and equipment in the areas of mining, processing and transportation of natural resources, as well as mine construction. 

Corum includes plants and repairing facilities in Ukraine and Russia, trading companies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Vietnam. 

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