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Corum shipped upgraded KA200 shearer loader to the key customer - DTEK

Corum shipped upgraded KA200 shearer loader to the key customer - DTEK
16 Февраля 2015

Corum’s Underground Mining Division shipped upgraded KA200 shearer loader to our key customer – DTEK Company. As a result of the upgrading with two advanced electric motors the machinery performance has increased one-half.

“The shearer loader is operating in the mine with the difficult geological conditions. In this case not only the equipment performance, but also endurance is of great importance. Upgrading with concomitant repair of the shearer loader allows reducing probability of overhauls and idle hours, respectively, by 2.5 times,” pointed out Ildar Saleev, Director of the Underground Mining Division of Corum.

KA200 vertical shearer loader has been operated in our customer's mine since 2004; it was precisely this machine that substituted earlier version manufactured by the Company - KA80 shearer loader. In summer 2014 KBT200 was introduced to the coal mining market for thin bed mining.



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