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Corum’s 20th Heading Machine Manufactured for Export Sets New Record

Corum’s 20th Heading Machine Manufactured for Export Sets New Record
7 Апреля 2015

Corum’s 20th heading machine KPD manufactured for export set a new record at one of ArcelorMittal Temirtau’s mines in Kazakhstan; the machine managed to win 220 running meters of the drift, while the average drifting rate in the region amounts to 130 running meters.

“This is already the second record set by Corum’s heading equipment in Kazakhstan. In Ukraine and Russia, this equipment showed itself to good advantage long ago. In 2014, Polish miners did justice to it, too: by the middle of 2015, we will have delivered the fourth machine to Poland already”, said Ildar Saleyev, Director of the Underground Mining Division. “I would admit that our Group is actively developing our export business. For the recent five years, the share of export in Corum’s sales structure has increased from 5% up to 23%. And in 2015, we are planning to raise it to 40%”.

It should be noted that in 2013, the KPD machine set two records in winning drifts in Ukraine, at Pivdennodonbaska Mine No. 1. Besides, following the results of the year, it was recognised as one of the best machines out of 39 units of similar equipment operated by the coal mining facilities of ArcelorMittal Temirtau.


Information about the KPD heading machine

The KPD heading machine is intended to destruct rock with hardness up to 100 MPa, to load and transport the destructed rock in the process of development of variously-shaped roadways sized 11 to 30 meters. The model is favourably compared with its predecessors by innovative design of the conveyor turning section reinforced with metal structured primary units, the increased resource of the reducing gear of the controlling element and a number of other improvements. Besides, the machine is equipped with an electronic visualisation system enabling to control and, if required, plan preventive maintenance of various units. Besides, the KPD machine is operated by means of the remote panel that uses radio signals or a portable cable. This allows the operator to stay in the most convenient place, which positively affects the equipment efficiency.


About the company

Core competence of Corum is an expertise in the mining business. The company is focused on providing high-tech integrated solutions, manufacturing and service of equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals, as well as the construction of mines.

Corum includes production, assembly and repair sites in Ukraine and Russia, trading Companies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Vietnam.

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