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Corum Manufactures and Ships to SUEK Spare Parts for Rotary Excavators

19 Августа 2015

Corum has shipped two bucket wheel gearheads for ER 1250 and ER 1600 rotary excavators to SUEK, our key customer. Gearheads are the main mechanisms to drive a bucket wheel, the principle exerting body of an excavator; it is responsible for the speed and volume of excavation of natural resources.

“These mechanisms are manufactured from high-tension frost-resistant steel, with the axle heating system. The gearheads are manufactured for operation at temperatures from -40º C up to +40º C, which enables a year-round mining. This type of spare parts is the most important component of equipment for open-pit mining; pit workers call them “metal hearts of excavators”, and we, being the manufacturing company, bear double responsibility for the quality of the spare parts and their service life”, - Stepan Sanagurskiy, Director of Corum’s Open-pit Mining Division, notes.


Besides, Corum has provided a 36 months’ warranty for this type of spare parts to Siberian Coal Energy Company. The equipment will operate in two largest coal pits in Russia, Borodinsky and Nazarovsky Pits.


Information about the Group

Corum Group is one of the largest manufacturers of machinery and equipment and suppliers of comprehensive solutions in the mining industry.

Corum Group today comprises the Underground Mining Division, the Division of Projects in Infrastructure, the Open-pit Mining Division and the trading companies and representative offices in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Poland and China.

The Group’s key customers are 14 largest mining holdings, whose assets include 150 mines and pits. Corum’s machinery and equipment are operated at mining facilities in 15 countries of the world.

During the first six months of 2015, the Group’s consolidated revenue increased by 12.6%, with the increase during Quarter 1 of 7.7%. Corum Group’s financial indicators (first six months of 2015 VS second six months of 2014): consolidated revenue: UAH 832.7 million (+12.6 %); volume of concluded contracts: over UAH 938 million (+6.9%); share of export: 32.5% (+11.1%); share of service: 66.5% (at the previous level).

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