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Corum manufactured a new product: KBT200 vertical shearer loader

Corum manufactured a new product: KBT200 vertical shearer loader
29 Августа 2014

Corum has manufactured the first in the world KBT200 vertical drum-type shearer loader with chainless haulage. Within the Strategic Alliance with the key customer, the machine was forwarded for the field trials to one of the advanced DTEK mines – Geroev Kosmosa Mine.

The main advantage of the new shearer loader is a lateral coal bed cutting method. In addition, owing to the chainless haulage and chainless shearing drive the novelty complies with all up-to-date occupational safety requirements. 

Design solutions in KBT200 enabled to double its output and cutting life as compared to its predecessors and reduce costs for production. KBT200 has replaced KA200, one of the most marketable among the miners model and is intended for thin bed mining of extra strong coals.

“A deep understanding of the mining industry and close cooperation with the customer at all stages of work allowed us to produce a cutting-edge machine, propelling thin bed mining to the next level. We intend to continue strengthening the partnership with DTEK within the Alliance," said Ildar Saleev, Director of the Underground Mining Division of Corum. 

“We need machinery that will help significantly increase coal output in mine, will be more secure in the operation and will make it possible to reduce operating costs. We expect these indicators of the introduction of new KBT200 shearer loader. Today we have a demand for such machines,” pointed out Sergey Biatov, Head of the Electromechanical Maintenance Department of DTEK coal mining management. 

KBT200 was manufactured by the Underground Mining Division specialists. Components were fabricated at Corum Gorlovsky Machine-Building Plant. Assembly and factory testing of the new machine coincided and were conducted on a new assembly site for the shearing and excavating machinery in ‘Corum Svet Shakhtyora’ (Kharkiv). 

Company profile 
The key competence of Corum Group is expertise in the coal mining business.
The company’s activity is focused on providing high-tech package solutions, manufacturing and service of the equipment in the field of production, processing and transportation of minerals, as well as construction of mines.
Corum Company owns production, assembly and repair sites in Ukraine and Russia, and also commercial firms in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Vietnam.

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