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Corum Increases Equipment Efficiency by 25%

Corum Increases Equipment Efficiency by 25%
6 Октября 2015

Corum Group has completed the project for modernisation and repair of the MShC 5.5x6.5 ball crusher for Stoilensky Mining and Beneficiation Plant, a key customer of the Group. As a result of the improvement, the Group’s specialists managed to provide considerable economy of resources for the plant, namely, the 25% reduction of electric power consumption and the 12% economy of consumable materials.

“It took our team of servicers only 102 working hours instead of 240 working hours planned not only to provide considerable economy of resources, but also to increase the equipment service life, from 12 to 18 months. We have succeeded in attaining our objective, despite of the fact that it was the first repair of this kind of equipment”, Aleksandr Seliverstov, Director of the Open-pit Mining Division – Corum Krivorozhskyi Plant of Mining Equipment, reports.

For the five years of development of the aftersales services, the experience and competences of our specialists enables to increase the share of service in Corum’s sales volume from 5% to 60%. According to the results of Quarter 2 of 2015, this figure reached 66.5%, including due to repairs of equipment of other manufacturers. The best growth dynamics is observed in such countries as Ukraine, Russia and Vietnam, with the following figures: 67.9%, 18.3% and 8.7%, respectively.

It should be noted that at the turn between 2014-2014, the Group launched five pilot projects for Mtinvest Holding, one of our key customers. It was the first experience in conducting turn-key repairs, from manufacture of spare parts, diagnostics and the repair itself to the subsequent service maintenance. The results were not long in coming. Today, our partners’ plants have considerably reduced equipment downtimes and increased the duration of the warranty periods and the equipment efficiency.

Information about the MShC 5.5x6.5 ball crusher

The MShC 5.5x6.5 ball crusher is highly efficient equipment intended to crush rock mass. It consists of a rotating drum with metal balls in its frame served as crushers. The average capacity of the equipment is 800 tonnes per hour.

Information about the Group

Corum Group is one of the largest manufacturers of machinery and equipment and suppliers of comprehensive solutions in the mining industry.

Corum Group today comprises the Underground Mining Division, the Division of Projects in Infrastructure, the Open-pit Mining Division and the trading companies and representative offices in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Poland and China.

The Group’s key customers are 14 largest mining holdings, whose assets include 150 mines and pits. Corum’s machinery and equipment are operated at mining facilities in 15 countries of the world. During the first six months of 2015, the Group’s consolidated revenue increased by 12.6%, with the increase during Quarter 1 of 7.7%. Corum Group’s financial indicators (first six months of 2015 VS second six months of 2014): consolidated revenue: UAH 832.7 million (+12.6 %); volume of concluded contracts: over UAH 938 million (+6.9%); share of export: 32.5% (+11.1%); share of service: 66.5% (at the previous level).

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