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Corum has equipped a new DTEK longwall with a longwall set of equipment

22 Апреля 2014

The Underground Mining Division of Corum company has equipped the new longwall of its key customer DTEK with a longwall set of equipment consisting of the chain-and-flight conveyor and a cutter-loader.

It should be noted that for the first time on mining site Dzerzhinsky (colliery group Rovenkovskoye) miners used the cutter-loader UKD-200/250. In a combination with other equipment the cutter-loader which is usually used for mining in low-power seams will decrease ash level and improve the quality of the coal produced.

According to Yuriy Khudyakov, Director of colliery group Rovenkovskoye of DTEK, employees of production unit number 1 have started to operate in the mine which is equipped with the new equipment and repaired sections of a powered support. Miners plan to produce up to 2 thousand tons of coal every day.

By the way, the coal reserves of the new longwall which length is 1080 meters are estimated at 650 thousand tons. 

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