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Corum Group’s Plant Makes Record in Manufacture Spare Parts for Iron Ore Enrichment Works

Corum Group’s Plant Makes Record in Manufacture Spare Parts for Iron Ore Enrichment Works
7 Августа 2015

In July, Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Equipment manufactured a record breaking number of armoured plates, its major type of spare parts, for the recent five years. During four weeks, the plant manufactured 193 units of this equipment.

Such high results were also achieved in June 2010; the plant manufactured 236 units then. During the recent five years, the plant’s monthly output was 110 to 196 armoured plates, thus satisfying the needs of its customers in the products of this type.

Stepan Sanagurskiy, Director of the Open-pit Mining Division, says that these high results were achieved due to the systematic work of all plant’s subdivisions. “For several months, Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Equipment has been operating to implement the Six Steps Project, which includes timely repairs of worn equipment, measures to eliminate downtimes at the workshops and efficient distribution of work among narrowly focused specialists. Besides, we control compliance with planned production dates and quality of manufactured spare parts at all production stages. Today, we can say that we managed to make a record in manufacturing armoured plates, our major standard product, due to applying a comprehensive approach and our specialists’ hard work”, Stepan Sanagurskiy notes.

Currently, along with other spare parts and equipment for open-pit mining, the product range of Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Equipment includes a great number of armoured plates. The plates are manufactured for KSD 2200, KMD 2200, KSD 1750, KMD 1750, KKD 1500/180, KKD 900/100, KRD 700/100 crushers. These are armoured plates for cones and immovable plates, as well as fascia armoured plates, which are involved in the process of crushing mine rock to receive rock with required fractions.



Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Equipment is part of the Open-pit Mining Division of Corum Group. The plant manufactures spare parts, components, units and machinery for the mining and metal-making industry. In 2014, Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Equipment launch the manufacture of finished products, such as stacking trailing conveyors, pallet stackers, plate feeders, reclaimers, re-loaders, belt conveyors, classifiers, pumps etc.


Generally, the operation of Corum Group is focused on providing highly technological comprehensive solutions, manufacturing and servicing in the spheres of extraction, processing and transportation of natural resources, as well as mine construction.

Corum comprises manufacturing, assembling and repairing facilities in Ukraine and Russia, trading companies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Vietnam. 


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