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Corum Group’s Division Director Ildar Saleyev to Head Metinvest Group’s Operational Procurements Department

Corum Group’s Division Director Ildar Saleyev to Head Metinvest Group’s Operational Procurements Department
17 Сентября 2015

On September 17, Ildar Saleyev, Director of Corum Group’s Underground Mining Division, was appointed Director of the Operational Procurements Department of Metinvest Holding, LLC. Aleksandr Dyatlov, who formerly headed the Department for Coordination of Operations of the Division’s Plants, was appointed Acting Director of the Underground Mining Division.

“We support the transfer of Ildar Saleyev, as this rotation facilitates the dissemination of the best management practices with SCM Group. Ildar came to work for Corum over five years ago and was at the ground zero of the process of transformation of separated plants into the unified business of Corum Group. He was involved in creating the Group’s strategy, penetrating into international markets, launching the internal R&D centre, introducing a number of new products in the market. This is an incomplete list of Ildar’s achievements. I am convinced that our groups will have a synergetic effect of this decision, and Ildar Saleyev’s professional and personal qualities will contribute to the implementation of all comprehensive objectives that the top management of Metinvest and SCM Group is setting to him”, - said Yakov Sidlyarenko, Corum Group’s CEO.


“The practice of rotation of the best top-managers within SCM Group companies has already shown its efficiency. We welcome the strengthening of Metinvest’s management team and we believe that Ildar Saleyev’s experience and his high professionalism will help our Group reach a brand new level of the relations with the suppliers”, - said Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest Holding, LLC.


This is how Ildar Saleyev himself commented on his transfer:Together with Corum’s team, we have faced various challenges. It is here that I have gained invaluable experience, which I will be able to apply at the Ukrainian largest mining and metal making holding. I am glad that I can accept this new challenge staying in the team of managers of SCM Group”.




Corum Group is one of the largest manufacturers of machinery and equipment and suppliers of comprehensive solutions in the mining industry.


Corum Group today comprises the Underground Mining Division, the Division of Projects in Infrastructure, the Open-pit Mining Division and the trading companies and representative offices in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Poland and China.

The Group’s key customers are 14 largest mining holdings, whose assets include 150 mines and pits. Corum’s machinery and equipment are operated at mining facilities in 15 countries of the world. During the first six months of 2015, the Group’s consolidated revenue increased by 12.6%, with the increase during Quarter 1 of 7.7%. Corum Group’s financial indicators (first six months of 2015 VS second six months of 2014): consolidated revenue: UAH 832.7 million (+12.6 %); volume of concluded contracts: over UAH 938 million (+6.9%); share of export: 32.5% (+11.1%); share of service: 66.5% (at the previous level).

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Metinvest Group is a vertically integrated group of mining and metal making companies, which manages every link of the value chain, from mining and processing iron ore and coal to making and selling semi-finished and finished steel products. It has steel and mining production facilities in Ukraine, Europe and the US, as well as a sales network covering all key global markets. The Group consists of the Metallurgical and the Mining Divisions. Metinvest’s strategic vision is to become the leading vertically integrated steel producer in Europe, delivering sustainable growth and profitability resilient to business cycles and providing investors with returns at above the industry benchmarks. During Quarter 1 of 2015, the Group gained USD 1.8 billion of profits, and its EBITDA profitability amounted to 19%.


Thee major shareholders of METINVEST B.V. (the holding company) are SCM Group (71.24%) and Smart Holding (23.76%), which participate in the Group’s management as partners.


Metinvest Holding, LLC is the management company of Metinvest Group.

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