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UDK400 Shearer Loader: "black gold" production became more cost-efficient

UDK400 Shearer Loader: "black gold" production became more cost-efficient
9 Июня 2015

Equipment of Corum's Underground Mining Division - UDK400 shearer loader - enables the miners to capture 15% rock less when mining thin seams*. Such efficiency indicator during "black gold" production is not provided by any foreign prototypes of this machinery.

"Our technical solution for thin seam development is in great demand with the miners: these shearer facilities are adapted to mine coal beds with thickness ranging from 0.85 to 1.5 meters and proved themselves in the difficult geological conditions of longwalls where seam fault percentage is rather high and lots of rock crop up along the way. Owing to its technical features the shearer loader being a part of the equipment facilities develops the seam more precisely and cuts the rock less than any other prototypes. This finally enables the miners to minimize resource consumption considerably for "black gold" drawing", stated Ildar Saleev, Director of the Underground Mining Division of Corum.


In the conditions of "popularity" of thin and ultra thin seams around the world the advantages of similar machinery become more valuable. As a reminder, in Germany seams with thickness from 0.6 to 1.5 m make approximately 60% of all explored coal reserves of the country, in the USA coal miners exploit seams less than 1.67m thick with ever increasing frequency. In China the State has already placed mining companies legislatively under obligation to develop thin seams. This refers not only to the economic benefits, but to the social benefits as well. In the dwindling coal regions the innovative ways of coal deposit development will allow extending for the decades the service life of the mines, which remain a place of work and earnings for the majority of local people.


By the way, these days the performance of UKD400 shearer manufactured by Corum once again was confirmed by the first million tons of coal brought to grass in the longwall No. 26 of "Obukhovskoye" Colliery Group of our key customer – DTEK Company, where anthracite coal is mined. It should be noted that the producing section (longwall No. 26) that was launched in April 2013 is rather difficult in terms of geological conditions: with seam thickness ranging from 0.9 to 1.14 m its faults sometimes reach 40 % (there is much hard rock, sandstone, quartz). Our customer's longwall is equipped with UKD400 shearer loader for thin seam development, SP326 longwall conveyor and powered roof supports manufactured by the Division.


*thin seams (thin beds)

It is the practice in the coal mining industry to classify coal seams according to their thickness into ultra thin (0.5 – 0.7 m), thin (0.71 – 1.2 m), medium-thick (1.21 – 3.5 m) and thick ones (above 3.5 m). The possibilities to use coal mining machinery become more complicated considerably with the increase of seam inclination.


Brief overview of UDK400 shearer loader

UDK400 shearer loader is designed for machine mining in flat and steep stopes with seams 0.85-1.5 m thick. The Division design engineers have facilitated the mobility of this oversized mechanism in the confined space of the production face: UDK400 is more maneuverable as compared to the preceding mechanisms; its basic mining operations can be controlled remotely from the gate-end control panels and by a radio signal when the operator is in the vicinity of the shearer. In addition, automatic unit condition diagnostic and monitoring system is applied here with data display on the operator's control panel. The equipment is able to provide the average daily coal output of 2,700 tons per day from 1 meter thick seam and reach peak performance of 4,500 tonnes per day.

UKD400 shearer is equipped with modern control and diagnostic system that allows operating staff, mine dispatcher and remote users to see the current capacities of electric motors, speed of movement, errors recorded by the control system, engine temperature, etc. Accuracy of UKD400 adaptability to the seam enables the shearer loader to extract coal with a minimum of impurities.


Company profile


The key competence of Corum Group is expertise in the coal mining business.

The company’s activity is focused on providing high-tech package solutions, manufacturing and service of the equipment in the field of production, processing and transportation of minerals, as well as construction of mines.

Corum Company comprises production plants, repair and assembly sites in Ukraine and Russia, and also commercial firms in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Vietnam.


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