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Corum Group Obtains 33 New Patents

Corum Group Obtains 33 New Patents
15 Мая 2015

Corum Group, an international manufacturer of mining equipment, summarised the results of its activities aimed at protection of intellectual property. In 2014, the Group obtained 28 patents for utility models and inventions and already patented 5 utility models during Quarter 1 of 2015.

Among the Group’s developments, there are both separate parts and units and integral machines. For example, we obtained patents for KNF hole cutting front system, KBT200 shearer for thin and super-thin seams, UKD400 shearer for thin seams.


“The developments of the Group’s engineers and technicians are not only aimed at improving, but also at creating unique equipment for mining operations of any complexity. The patents that we obtained prove the originality of our technologies and equipment”, says Andrey Afinogenov, Corum Group’s Director for Legal Support. “In order to ensure competitiveness and protection copyright, we patent our inventions both in Ukraine and in all countries of our presence. For example, in 2014, we obtained the rights for 24 utility models and inventions in Ukraine. The Chinese Patent Authority issued two patents for utility models. In the Russian Federation, the Group obtained two patents. Moreover, last year the Group submitted a record number of applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty procedure[1]– 14. Under this procedure, we have already obtained replies to 12 applications: 5 utility models and 7 inventions”.


New inventions of the Group’s engineers give us the possibility to save resources, including labour costs, equipment manufacture and maintenance expenses, improve its characteristics, guarantee its safe operation. Three stages of KNF tests with the application of different technological operation schemes and at different coal mining facilities have shown that the system will help miners to reach a 30% reduction of economic expenses for preparation of new longwall faces for further operation of shearers. With the help of the improved UKD400 shearer, Corum Group set the Ukrainian record of coal extraction from thin seams in 2014: 100 thousand tonnes per month. Due to these machines, the miners from Krasnolymanska Mine managed to produce a 1.5 month standard output of coal.


About the company

Core competence of Corum is an expertise in the mining business. The company is focused on providing high-tech integrated solutions, manufacturing and service of equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals, as well as the construction of mines.

Corum includes production, assembly and repair sites in Ukraine and Russia, trading Companies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Vietnam.

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[1] The Patent Cooperation Treaty (РСТ) is an international patent law treaty, under which the contracting states, intending to improve legal protection of inventions, simplify and make protection of inventions more efficient in case such protection in several jurisdictions is requested, facilitate and speed up the public access to technical information contained in the documents that describe new inventions, concluded this treaty. The PCT is signed by majority (over 140) of the countries, including Ukraine.


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