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Corum for miners ДТЭК: we strive for best results

31 Марта 2014

By the end of this month the Underground Mining Division of Corum company has manufactured and shipped to its key customer, DTEK Company, the equipment for a number of mining companies. 

The armored face conveyor with length of 290 m and weight about 260 tons and scraper conveyor - reloader with length of 100 m and weight of 83 tons were shipped to the mine named after F. Dzerzhinsky (colliery group Rovenkovsky).

At customer's request, both drive units are located on the goaf (cavity) side of the conveyor. It should be noted that the design solution sufficiently facilitates the operation of the equipment during longwall development.

Also two armored face conveyors with length of 80 and 300 meters were shipped to the mine Almaznaya (the colliery group Dobropolskoye). Under the project, the Customer has set the task to develop attached implements that will allow the conveyors to operate together with the cutter-loader RKU-10 and the powered support DM which already operate in the mining enterprise.

Two armored face conveyors with length of 150 meters were shipped to the colliery group Obukhovskoye of the Rostov region (Russian Federation). Feature of a complete set of the equipment is its reinforced drive which will increase the service life of the equipment.

Along with the new equipment the customer will be provided with spare parts kit that will allow miners to perform prompt maintenance of machines and reduce downtimes during coal mining.


Information about the company

Corum Company (previously SPC "Mining machines") is affiliated to one of the largest financial and industrial groups of Ukraine “System Capital Management” (SCM) and today is an expert in mining business. The company’s activity is focused on providing high-tech package solutions, manufacturing and service of the equipment in the field of production, processing and transportation of minerals, as well as construction of mines.

Corum Company owns 7 production plants and repair sites in Ukraine and Russia, and also commercial firms in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Poland.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers audited data, in 2012 the total amount of the company’s sales has made 312.7 million euros. EBITDA has made 61.7 million euros.

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