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Corum Drill-loading machine won Grand Prix at the exhibition Ugol Rossii & Mining 2014

Corum Drill-loading machine won Grand Prix at the exhibition Ugol Rossii & Mining 2014
12 Июня 2014

On June 3-6 Corum presented efficient and cutting-edge solutions for underground and open-cast mining operations at 21st International trade fair “Ugol Rossii & Mining 2014” held in Novokuznetsk, Russia. 

BPR Drill-loading machine marked by the fair expert council with Grand Prix became one of such solutions. The machinery is applied for mechanization of borehole drilling processes and subsequent muck loading; it has a number of advantages as compared with other analogues at the market. In particular, this refers to high efficiency in complex mining and geological conditions, since the machine is able to perform two functions simultaneously: drilling and loading.

“Nowadays we are working under the name of Corum. The performed rebranding has fixed new philosophy of our Company: to be nearer to the customer, understand and meet its demands,noted CEO of Corum Group Yevgeniy Romashchin.We consciously adopt a role of the sector locomotive, as we are well aware of the market trends and see the current needs of the customer. Thus, a leasing agreement for our longwall equipment has already been made; this equipment is a new product for our market. In addition, we are actively developing after-sales services: we have two repair facilities in Ukraine and as early as during the current year we shall open the second servicing center in Russia”.

Along with drill-loading machinery the company's customers were able to familiarize themselves with a new generation of props with threaded neck bush for powered supports within the exposition. Owing to the unique patented design of the mechanism, the operation of supports became more effective in the conditions of an unstable roof. The exhibits include also a mining electric locomotive of a new generation; KTPV-D substation equipped with advanced remote control system that improves the safety of the equipment significantly, and also trigger mine equipment to operate effectively under the ground.

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