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Corum developed a classifier of a new type

Corum developed a classifier of a new type
19 Марта 2015

Corum Open-pit Mining Division designed and manufactured a new type of KSN-1-2,4х12,5 single-spiral classifier for our key customer - PJSC Yuzhny Mining And Processing Combine (Kryvy Rog, Ukraine). The classifier was fabricated on site of Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Machinery.

According to Stepan Sanagursky, Director of the Open-pit Mining Division, Corum specialists carried out preliminary works with regard to the individual needs of the customer and developed the classifier to increase operational efficiency at the combine.

"After the equipment delivery to the customer Corum specialists continue their support during assembly and installation. Thus, we offer our partners maximum efficient solutions for their business. Moreover, in addition to the warranty we offer turn-key aftersales packages for maintenance service of open-pit mining machinery. Support during assembly and operation, operative response for inquiries about the equipment performance - these are efficient measures taken on our part that help increasing production and propel the customer's operation to the next qualitative level," underlined Stepan Sanagursky.

Key performances: the classifier is designed to grade ores and similar materials in sizes and densities in water environment discharging solid particles with grain size ranging from 0.15 to 0.83 mm, class overflow capacity being 51 m3/h and sand-raking capacity 300 m3/h. Spiral diameter - 2.4 m; bath length -12.5 m; classifier incidence - 18 degrees. 


Enterprise profile

Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Machinery is affiliated to Corum Open-pit Mining Division. The enterprise manufactures spare parts, components, assemblies and machinery for mining and metals production sector. In 2014 Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Machinery started manufacturing finished products: stokers, stackers, plate feeders, reclaimers, belt elevators, belt conveyors, classifiers and pumps.


About the company

Core competence of Corum is an expertise in the mining business. The company is focused on providing high-tech integrated solutions, manufacturing and service of equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals, as well as the construction of mines.

Corum includes production, assembly and repair sites in Ukraine and Russia, trading Companies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Vietnam.

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