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Corum delivered upgraded electric locomotives to Norilsk Nickel

 Corum delivered upgraded electric locomotives to Norilsk Nickel
6 Ноября 2014

Corum Infrastructure Project Division has fabricated and shipped two upgraded AM8D electric locomotives to the world largest producer of nickel and palladium MMC Norilsk Nickel.

“We have completed electric locomotives with energy-plus storage batteries. This technical solution will enable the customer to increase running time of electric locos up to two shifts and decrease electric power consumption by 30%, - noted Vladimir Merzlikin, Director of Corum Infrastructure Project Division. - Our electric locomotives have been tried and tested in practice in the complicated operating conditions and proved themselves to be high-performance machinery at the markets of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.” 

The machinery is made of new more qualitative material – structural steel grades enhancing electric locomotive assembly durability. In addition, the upgraded equipment possesses high tractive and power characteristics. 

Electric locomotive control safety is increased owing to the equipping the machines with the cutting-edge lighting control system having voltage stabilizer and electronic audio signal. Brief overview of AM8D electric locomotives AM8D accumulator electric locomotives are designed to transport car strings by the underground narrow-gage railways in the main haulage ways of the gas and dust hazardous mines. 

Mine accumulator explosion-proof electric locomotives having of AM8D series have been manufactured since the 60-ies of the last century and are one of the most popular types of underground transport in the mining sector. During all this time various improvements have been introduced repeatedly into their design. The recent upgrading took place in 2014. Currently about 1200 similar machines are operated in the Ukrainian coal mines.

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