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Corum Awards Three Gold Contracts to All-Ukrainian Mechanical Engineering Contest Winners

Corum Awards Three Gold Contracts to All-Ukrainian Mechanical Engineering Contest Winners
9 Апреля 2014

On April 4, Corum awarded three gold contracts to the best students that won the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Contest “Metal cutting Machines and Systems” held at Donetsk National Technical University. 

The contract gives its winners the right to become employed with Corum after they complete their training. It should be noted that the additional testing developed by our company’s specialists involved representatives of the country’s six leading higher educational institutions.

Representatives of Donetsk State Mechanical Engineering Academy, Donetsk National Technical University and Zhytomyr State Technical University demonstrated the best results among the fourteen future machine builders.

“The company has wide experience in training mechanical engineering specialists, which we can share with Ukraine’s educational institutions. For example, to back theory with practice, we regularly provide students with our production sites to undergo production and graduation practical training, thus settling on them the best production specialists”, said Anna Adom, Corum Group’s HR Director. “By supporting contests, we strive to involve future specialists to an achievement culture adopted in our company, the culture that enables future professionals to work efficiently under changing conditions“.

According to Professor Yevhen Bashkov, the Vice-Rector for Research, by its support and involvement, Corum gives students an opportunity to assess its power and makes a strong contribution to stirring up the interest towards development of engineering in Ukraine.


Information about the company

Corum (formerly, SPC “Mining Machines”) is owned by System Capital Management (SCM), the largest financial and industrial group in Ukraine, and today is one of the leaders in the mining engineering market.

Corum owns six plants in Ukraine, repairing facilities in Ukraine and Russia, trading companies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Poland.

The company focuses its activities on providing comprehensive solutions in extraction, processing and transportation of mineral resources.

According to the data audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the total sales volume in 2012 amounted to EUR 312.9 million. EBITDA amounted to EUR 62.1 million.

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