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Changes in Corum’s Top Management

Changes in Corum’s Top Management
8 Апреля 2014

On April 07, 2014, Eduard Nazarov was appointed director of Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Equipment, a member of Corum Group’s Open Mining Division. 

Before the appointment, Eduard Nazarov occupied the position of the director of Corum Quality (formerly, Mining Machines – Quality System) and made a great contribution to the establishment, development and quality management system within the company.

Eduard Nazarov graduated from Donetsk State Technical University majoring in metal deformation process and attended a number of trainings in efficient company management and sales.

Among the major objectives set to the new plant director, there are the following ones:

– to increase production efficiency, including improving product specifications and expanding the company’s product portfolio;

– to implement the key projects of the Open Mining Division aimed at production concentration, which will result in the company obtaining rationally organised production, and at building and arranging the operation of the specialised line to produce heavy rollers for the Division’s major product, main belt conveyors.

Corum’s top management is sure that in this difficult time for businesses, the knowledge and experience of the new director will enable Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Equipment to maintain the plant’s stable position and switch from manufacturing spare parts for open mining machinery to manufacturing the machinery itself.

It should be reminded that the former director of Corum Krivorozhsky Plant of Mining Equipment was Mykhailo Bulatetskyi.


Information about the company

Corum (formerly, SPC “Mining Machines”) is owned by System Capital Management (SCM), the largest financial and industrial group in Ukraine, and today is one of the leaders in the mining engineering market.

Corum owns six plants in Ukraine, repairing facilities in Ukraine and Russia, trading companies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Poland.

The company focuses its activities on providing comprehensive solutions in extraction, processing and transportation of mineral resources.

According to the data audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the total sales volume in 2012 amounted to EUR 312.9 million. EBITDA amounted to EUR 62.1 million.

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