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Aleksandr Kovalchuk Appointed Svet Shakhtyora’s Chairman of the Board

Aleksandr Kovalchuk Appointed Svet Shakhtyora’s Chairman of the Board
7 Мая 2014

On April 30, Aleksandr Kovalchuk was appointed Chairman of the Board of PJSC “Kharkiv Machine Building Plant “Svet Shakhtyora”, a facility of Corum Group’s Underground Mining Division.

“By entrusting the facility’s management to Aleksandr Kovalchuk, Corum stakes on him as on an experienced manager and technical expert of a high level”, said Ildar Saleyev, the director of the Underground Mining Division. “We are convinced that deep understanding of customers’ problems, wide experience in management and production, as well as many years of work at the plant will enable him to take decisions, which will not only help us to maintain the plant’s positions in the market today, but will also give us an impetus to further development”.

Since January 2014, Aleksandr Kovalchuk has occupied the position of Corum Group’s Sales and Marketing Director. Headed by him, the company managed to strengthen its positions in the Polish market. Previously, occupying the position of the Director of the Underground Mining Division, Aleksandr Kovalchuk was developing the key product lines of cutter-loaders, heading machines, supports and powered units. With his active involvement, the company launched plants to repair shearers and powered supports in Gorlovka and Druzhkovka.

At PJSC “Kharkiv Machine Building Plant “Svet Shakhtyora”, Aleksandr Kovalchuk raised from a foreman of the mechanical workshop to the plant’s Chief Engineer.

As we reported earlier, Gennady Vysotsky, the former CEO of the plant, passed over after a siege of illness.   

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