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Ukraine: According to the audited financial statements, PJSC “Machine-building Plant “Svet Shakhtyora” ended 2014 with a net income at an amount of UAH 81.347 million, the plant reports.

In 2014, the plant reduced its net profits by 8.27%, or by UAH 45.417 million, down to UAH 503.897 million. “Svet Shakhtyora” showed UAH 70.348 million of income in 2013. In early January 2013, Ukrainian Machine Building Holding Limited (Cyprus), a member of System Capital Management, concentrated 60% of shares in “Svet Shakhtyora”. 

Kharkiv Machine-building Plant “Svet Shakhtyora” was incorporated in 1922 on the basis of the tool and bench shop opened in 1891. The plant is a public joint-stock company and specialises in manufacturing scraper flight conveyors for mines, cap lamps and lighting equipment, as well as spare parts for mining equipment.  

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