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Trade Fair for Innovative Solutions

Trade Fair for Innovative Solutions

Germany and the Czech Republic will present the largest national expositions. Kopex and Famur will present the largest individual stands within the expositions of their countries. In their turn, Ukrainians promised to take their newest mine machine. The event interested Russian press.

Only two months are left until the opening of the next International Trade Fair for Mining, Energy and Metallurgy Katowice 2015. Over 400 companies fr om Poland, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Ukraine, Austria, Russia and China will present their engineering achievements on the area of over 30 thousand square meters.

Despite of the crisis in the country, the Ukrainian exposition will be rather large-scaled. Two companies from Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk, which participate in the trade fair for the first time, will present their equipment, such as generators, special devices for technological process control, mine lamps and transducers. MMC Poland, a member of Corum Group, which is part of System Capital Management, one of the largest financial and industrial groups in Ukraine, will present its newest offer, too.

Last year, Corum Group supplied several mine machines for Polish mines and successfully operates in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, China and Vietnam, wh ere the group develops Nui Beo Mine. Besides, the group supplies its products to Romania, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and other countries. The Ukrainians want to demonstrate one of their newest mine machines in Katowice.

The domestic concern Hydrotech will show its next mine machine at the mining trade fair, too. Immediately after the closing of the trade fair, the machine will be shipped to Bogdanki in Lublin. Hydrotech will have one of the largest stands among the polish manufacturers of mining machinery and equipment. However, it is obvious that Kopex and Famur will have no competitors in this regard. Such companies as Damel, Bumech, Conbelts and Eickhoff will present their equipment, too.

During the trade fair, the Mining Industrial and Trade Chamber will organise the conference “Coal as cheap energy source and employment” and the contest “Innovative solutions in machine-building and mining equipment” under the auspices of Polish Mining Equipment. Last year, there was a great number of applications to participate in these events. Besides, the trade fair organisers will select the innovative product of the year.

It should be noted that the event attracts an exclusive interest of the industry press, including the Russian press. The Gornaya Promyshlennost and The Ugol always devote much space in their editions to the event in Katowice delegating their reporters to Silesia.

There are many people in our country, who wish to attend the trade fair. 10 thousand entrance tickets are already sold, one of which will be the luckiest, as its holder will win an Opel Corsa! Tickets can be bought so far, but the exhibitors’ stands have fallen short.

“There is no vacant space already. Most forward-looking exhibitors reserved their stands during the trade fair in 2013. Many people are still contacting us on the phone hoping to get at least several meters of the exhibition space. Unfortunately, they are doing it very late”, Agata Borkowska-ZieliDska, Vice President of Polish Mining Equipment, the trade fair organiser, says.

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