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Ildar Saleyev, Corum Group: No Alternative for Coal

Ildar Saleyev, Corum Group: No Alternative for Coal

What are Corum Group’s plans regarding the Polish market?

The plans are the thing that remains stable nowadays. Unfortunately, the market is behindhand in stability. This regards to Poland, too.

The coal prices are low, which cannot but impact on the mining industry. The situation especially influences coal producers, and their problems reflect upon the allied firms, in their turn.

Our Group offers its products in the Polish market, and we have managed to win several tenders for deliveries of heading machines.

We have an advantage compared with other European manufacturers due to lower prices for raw materials. The cost of the labour power in Ukraine is considerably lower, too.

This is why, we can offer cheaper products. At the same time, our machinery meets the requirements of the European standards, and its quality is no different from the European analogues.

We are not only actively working to receive orders for heading machines, but also for deliveries of comprehensive mining systems.

Can you see a chance to conclude new contracts in the Polish market?

Yes, I can. In the nearest time, new tenders for powered supports will be announced. Our Group has a many years’ experience in manufacturing these products.

During our entire history, we have manufactured over three thousand support units. We are also specialised in extraction of medium and thin coal beds.

In this view, Corum Group has wide experience, as most of the coal fields in Ukraine are represented by thin beds.

The mining systems that we offer can be operated under various mining and geological conditions.

Our representative office in Poland is developing and working very dynamically. We are developing our service base, which fully covers the needs of the machinery functioning in the Polish mines.

What markets does Corum Group consider especially important?

Along with the Ukrainian market, they naturally are Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Belarus and Vietnam. Our plants operate in all these markets. We also have a joint venture in the Chinese market. 

Is China a complicated and specific market?

Each market has their specific character. The Polish and the Russian markets are completely different. And the Chinese market is the largest coal market in the world.


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