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Youth is for engineering


SIC Mining Machines is a strategic partner with Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA). Mining Machines which is the industry leader in CIS has had many years cooperation with the Academy: a lot of employees and managers working in SIC Mining Machines companies graduated from DSEA.

The annual job-fair organized by DSEA and SIC Mining Machines provided students with the information of their career opportunities in the Company's plants. The documentary "Down to the coal mine" showing the work of Mining Machines equipment was of special interest of future engineers. After active communication of the representatives of SIC Mining Machines with DSEA students about 70 students filled the questionnaires and confirmed their wish to start job-career in the Company.

AlexandrDymchenko, the head of DSEA employment department emphasized that SIC Mining Machines remains one of the priority for Academy graduates career: "Mining Machines hold top position in Promising employers rating".

Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University is the leading university in engineers and designers training in Kharkiv where SvetShakhtera plant, one of the company of SIC Mining Machines, located.

March 16 during KhNAHU Open doors event the representatives of Mining Machines gave notes of thanks to the parents whose children applied to the plant after graduation from university. As GennadiyVysotskiy, the Chairman of the Board of Kharkov Heavy-engineering Plant SvetShakhtera, noted "the success of a young person in right job and start in career - is the combination of successes of the young person itself, his parents and university teachers".

Engineers who started their career and worked one year in the company were given the honorary diplomas of SIC Mining Machines. The best of them will have bonuses.

SIC Mining Machines companies are still the leading platforms for training of undergraduates from technical schools and universities of Donetsk, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk regions. Many of them after graduation come to these companies to continue their career.

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