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YevgeniyRomashchin Conducted a Master Class on Investment Management within FormulaS Project


“It is impossible to achieve a strategic goal of any business - creation of additional cost without establishment of an efficient investment management system. My master class did not pursue the objective of academic highlighting of the investment management issue. Its main task was to give advice based on practical experience to those who plan to connect their carriers with this rather difficult functional sphere”, YevgeniyRomashchin noted.

As it was noted by the students, who are interested in the investment management subject, the master class was rich in useful information and practical examples from the experience of international companies.

One more feature of the master class is its interactivity. The students made a test task and discussed its results together with YevgeniyRomashchin.

In the final part of the meeting the future economists and financial experts received answers of YevgeniyRomashchin to questions, which concerned not only the investment field, but also advice on how to start professional carrier.  

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