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Yevgeniy Romashchin, general director of SIC Mining Machines supports project to create state export agency


The conditions for full activity of the State export agency on the basis of Ukreximbank, organization of industrial leasing companies and adoption of support programme for technological re-equipment and production modernization of heavy-engineering enterprises are the only measures which can contribute to leading Ukrainian enterprises in their positions in domestic and international markets.

September 11 Yevgeniy Romashchin, SIC Mining Machines general director, presented the report in All-Ukrainian meeting on real sector of economy development which was held as a part of working visit of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich to Dnepropetrovsk. The report described current situation in heavy-engineering and outlined the potential things which can be done to stimulate the industry development.

According to Yevgeniy Romashchin the SIC Mining Machines remains one of the leaders in mining equipment manufacturing first of all because it could formulate and start implementing the development strategy based on three key components: 1) basic product lines which must be improved on the constant basis; 2) focus on after-sales service; 3) entering the foreign markets and finding effective forms of cooperation with foreign partners.

As the result by 2012 the geography of SIC Mining Machines markets includes 15 countries. The export share totaled 17.8%, increased from 2009 to 2011 more than 26 times. Having preserved strong positions in CIS market (Russia? Kazakhstan and others) the company entered Macedonia, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Vietnam and other countries.

But despite sustainable growth (last year proceeds were more than in 2009 by 117 %), SIC Mining Machine together with total majority of Ukrainian companies needs balanced and reasonable support from the state.

Yevgeniy Romashchin thinks that Ukraine can use all tools which have been implemented by leading world countries. "Ukrainian heavy-engineering has a serious potential. To use this potential we need to take number of steps: to give Ukreximbank all powers necessary to perform functions of state export agency, to establish industry leasing companies which can finance priority projects, to adopt support programme for technological re-equipment and production modernization of heavy-engineering enterprises", – SIC Mining Machines general director stated "our company as one of the large players is ready to take part in preparation of these projects".

The President expressed understanding of the position of management of one of the leading heavy-engineering companies which unites 6 enterprises in Ukraine and Russia. Viktor Yanukovich emphasized the importance of support of domestic manufacturer in the national and foreign markets: "The Government should work out effective mechanisms to overcome structural deformation in different industries, taking into account advanced development of industries which produce high added-value products". The head of the country underlined that we needed to take control of not only Ukrainian but also global economy giving immediate respond to the situation in key sectors of economy one of which is heavy-engineering.

All-Ukrainian meeting on real sector of economy development has set a number of important issues to the President, ministers, politicians and officials from majority of Ukrainian regions, heads of large industrial companies, representatives of academia, and the key issue is: how important for Ukraine is to preserve the potential in industries which show possibilities of further growth and development. 

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