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We will manufacture and instruct: SIC Mining Machines assistance


KDK500 shearer, manufactured by Gorlovsky engineering works has a considerable difference in high power shearing drive up to 700kW. This characteristic is significant for coal extraction from the seams with hard rock inclusions. High power supply capacity of KDK500 shearer will extend the lifetime and coal extraction volumes in the long faces and medium thickness seams.

This is the first shearer of such type, purchased by DTEK Sverdlovanthracite LLC. Using this shearer, miners plan to extract the coal at the longest face (nearly 350m) at the depth of more than 1km.

SIC Mining Machines arranged and run the 3-day training for the representatives ofDTEK Sverdlovanthracite LLC, which consisted of detailed presentation of all technical and operational characteristics and design aspects of the machine. Moreover DTEK SverdlovanthraciteLLC specialists visited the stoping face of Russian mine “Sadinskaya”, which has successfully used KDK 500 unit during several years. In 2007 this shearer broke the record for the average daily extraction of coal – 7075t per day. Combined machine succeed in anthracite face development with the hardness rate of 300кN that became one of the best results for the global coal equipment.

“If you want to get the smooth operation of your new equipment and meet the planned goal in coal extraction, you need to operate it correctly. That’s why we arranged this training“, - Igor Fomenko, Director for Sales and Marketing, SIC Mining Machines said.

The representatives of DTEK Sverdlovanthracite LLC gave positive assessment of SIC Mining Machines initiative: “We visited the working face, observed the work of other specialists. We got positive feedback about this combined machine – 2mio tonnes of coal without any specific repairs“, - admitted AndreyShmavgavets, mechanical engineer of production unit No.3.

KDK 500 shearer keeps tightly its position among the equipment, designed for medium thickness seams in Ukraine as well as in CIS. Last year of 2012 for this “iron miner” celebrated the 10th anniversary of the initial manufacturing date.

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