«Gorlovskiy mashinostroitel»: Ukrainian production record has been set!


«High production metrics of machine building plants which are incorporated into SPC Mining machines», which can be observed on the example of Gorlovskiy mashinostroitel, are the direct consequence of correctly chosen strategy of the Company. The programs of upgrading the equipment and concentration of production are being actively implemented at all machine building plants. So, the first stage of upgrading and development of Gorlovskiy mashinostroitel in 2011 has been funded in the amount of more than 14 mln. of hryvnas. Besides, The Golden rules of lean production and system of quality management have been implemented at the plant and also great attention is paid to labour safety. All these activities enabled the Company to achieve such a high rate of production and at the same time to attain quality, -underlined production Director of SPC Mining machines ymuraz Datuashwili. Record amount of manufactured and delivered equipment to the customers – is the result of streamlined production processes and coordinated actions of the working personnel. It is due to their efforts , that in December of 2011 Gorlovskiy mashinostroitel fulfilled the output plan of commodity products for December by 115%, - stressed General director of Gorlovskiy mashinostroitel nstantin Kryukov. The personnel of the machine building plant who have achieved high working results will be additionally given bonuses.