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В«Gorlovskiy mashinostroitel» confirmed its compliance with requirements of the International standard ISO 9001:2008


Thus, the machine building plant proved the efficiency of the system of quality inspection management and determination of all personnel to produce quality equipment, which in all parameters, conforms to customers’ requirements. Diligence has been done by the Association on certification «Russian Register» at the end of December of 2011. Director on development of quality systems of the Association «Russian Register » Yuriy Zagorulko stressed, that the system of quality inspection management of «Gorlovskiy mashinostroitel» (SPC «Mining machines) conforms to the International standard ISO 9001:2008 in terms of development, manufacturing, maintenance and repair of mining equipment. He said, that it contributed to maintaining of competitiveness of the equipment at the international markets and to improving customers’ confidence. In his turn, the General director of «Gorlovskiy mashinostroitel» (SPC «Mining machines») Коnstantin Kryukov stressed, that it was a great honor for the machine building plant to confirm its compliance with International standard: «Company «Mining machines» carries out a system policy in the sphere of management and quality inspection of the manufactured equipment. The fact that the machine building plant has successfully got through the recertification diligence, proves once again, that the measures, which have been taken in that direction were correct», - said Konstantin Kryukov.

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