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Unique Shearer, which can be Controlled Remotely Extracted First 20 Thousand Tons of Coal


UKD400 represents an improved version of a shearer for thin seams with chainless electrical haulage system, into which a number of changes were made by designers of Engineering and Technical Centre “Mining Machines”, which increased operational characteristics of the item. In particular, UDK400 suits better for a thin seam above 0.85 m thick, its output capacity is up to 12 tons per minute and mined face length is 350 meters. The warranty overhaul period of UKD400 is increased twice as compared to prototype model No. 1 and is 700 thousand tons of coal. It will be increased to 1 million tons on the next models of shearer.

One of UKD400 advantages is the remote control system of the shearer with the help of a radio control panel, which provides safety of face miners.

The assembly diagnostics and control system used in UKD400, process information indication allows monitoring current conditions and operation modes of the shearer on a real time basis.

The warranty service of the shearer is provided by Service Company “Mining Machines”; financing is performed within the partnership of the coal association with DTEK.

The prototype model UKD400 No. 1 was used at KrasnyPartizan Mine before. It extracted 1.3 million tons of coal for the period from 2009 to 2011. At present, this shearer is brought to grass for oncoming overhaul, after which it is planned to operate at the mines owned by State-Owned Company “Sverdlovantratsit”. 

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