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UN Delegation Visits Corum

UN Delegation Visits Corum

In the context of their visit to the plant, the delegation attended several workshops, including the assembly and the repair departments. During the information tour around the plant, Mr Feltman, the delegation head, noted a high level of the equipment manufactured by the company.

“The business situation today is caused by the political instability in Ukraine and directly affects the country’s economy. Currently, the company’s efforts are aimed at searching for new orders and negotiating with both current and potential customers. Our major objective now is to survive, as it is important for us to make our plants continue functioning; we want our people to receive salaries steadily“, said Olena Plakhova, the Head of the Corporate Communications Department, during the meeting.

It should be noted that all Corum’s plants, including Corum Gorlovsky Mining Equipment Repair Plant, are operating in a regular mode: the plants continue their manufacturing processes; the employees continue working and receive their salaries on time. The company keeps on actively developing its service sector and testing its new products. Though, there is a certain decrease in the number of orders, which affects the plant’s economic figures and the company in general.

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