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Ukrainian Breakthrough: Mining Machines Enters Vietnamese Market


"Vietnamese market is one of our key destinations according to our Strategy. Over the next four years Vietnam is set to boost coal output to 75 million tonnes per year. A 35m-tonne increase in production will come from underground mining. T he contract with Vietnam's biggest national company will help us to expand in Vietnam and is an additional proof of the export potential of Ukrainian mining equipment and R&D," said Mining Machines' CEO Yevgeniy Romashchin.

Luganskpodzemstroy company has been engaged to build the shafts. Its specialists have more than 20 years of expertise in mine construction in Southeast Asia. Dnepropetrovsk National Mining University will be a scientific advisor to the deal and deliver training on shaft sinking and equipment use to the Vietnamese staff involved in the construction.

"We are happy to have partnered with a consortium led by Mining Machines to build facilities important for the country. Ukrainian party has a number of advantages that determined our choice: proven experience, tried-and-true technologies, scientific support and reliable equipment. I hope that our further cooperation will bring economic benefits and strengthen the highest-level ties between Ukraine and Vietnam," said Pham Dyc Hiem, a spokesman from VINACOMIN-Underground Mine Construction Company No.1


VINACOMIN Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group is Vietnam's only company that mines coal, nickel, aluminium, iron ore and other mineral resources. This wholly state-owned company produces

40 million tonnes of coal a year.

Mining Machines is Ukraine's biggest mining equipment producer. It belongs to the financial and industrial group, System Capital Management (SCM). The company produces and delivers equipment and machinery for the mining industry.

Luganskpodzemstroy specialises in building mines and extracting mineral resources. The company has an extensive expertise in mine construction, including mines with high exposure to methane outbursts, gas bleeding, oil and gas blowouts, coal, rock and gas outbursts, coal dust explosions and spontaneous coal combustion. Luganskpodzemstroy also deals with vertical shaft sinking in Ukraine and abroad (including India).

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