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UKD-400 Sharer and KPD Roadheader were Upgraded at Engineering and Technical Centre Mining Machines


Changes in UKD400 were made in cutting gearbox, auger design, feed mechanism of the shearer, portal, and hydraulic system. Technical documentation on layout, frame, frame-tank, feeder, conveyor, scraper chain, set of swinging shield for all versions of KPD shearer.

“Design changes made in shearer and roadheader will improve their reliability and service life , help to increase volumes of coal extraction from thin coal seams and accelerate drivage of development roadways, which are typical for Donbass and Kuzbass”, Viktor Kuchma, General Director of Engineering and Technical Centre Mining Machines said.

The first presentation of upgraded equipment was held on January 20 in Pavlograd, within the framework of the strategic partnership of Mining Machines group and DTEK.

Reference: UKD-400 shearer is designed for mechanized coal extraction in production faces, from flat and inclined seams up to 1.5 m thick, advancing to the strike with dip angles up to 35°, as well as to the rise and dip with dip angles up to 10°, with coal cutting resistance up to 400 kN/m.

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