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Twelve KA200 machines from Mining Machines to DTEK


Now there are 12 machines of this type, manufactured by Mining Machines for past 4 years, operating in DTEK. There are three narrow-web cutter loaders in Yubileinaya coal mine which were manufactured at Mining Machines Gorlovsky Engineering works.

Besides that DTEK Pavlogradugol coal mines use powered roof supports 1KD90, DM, KD80, shearers UKD200-250, UKD200-400, RKU 10manufactured by SIC Mining Machines.

KA200 specifications

Shearer KA200 is used for powered mining in flat and steep seams with 0.8-1.25 m capacity, with cutting resistance up to 400 kH/m, worked across the pitch up to 350, and also to the rise and pitch up to 10°. The shearer can perform bidirectional without stable holes winning either in right or left faces without re-installation.

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