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The three thousandth substation for “Kazakhmys”


“Kazakhstan is one of the most important sales market for us”, – Igor Fomenko, Sales and Marketing Director of SPC “Mining machines”, emphasized. As one of the largest equipment manufacturer for mining industry in CIS, SPC “Mining machines” has been establishing constructive and mutually beneficial relations with leading Kazakh corporations for years. In particular, the order for manufacturing of two centrifugal fans VTsD31,5M2 with a complete Set air flow Reversing and Switching Equipment (SRSE) for main ventilation plant was already fulfilled for “Kazakhmys” in 2012.

“Delivery of 12 transformer substations in explosion-proof version for operation in underground mines with hazardous gaseous (methane) and dusty environment has become the next step in cooperation with one of Eurasia largest mining
companies,” – Igor Fomenko is sure. The substations with capacity of 400 and 630 kVA (KTPV-400/6 and KTPV-630/6 correspondingly) will operate at “Kazakhmys” ore mines. The substations are equipped with wheel pairs and a meter for measuring of consumed energy.

The three thousandth aggregate of this type got into the number of transformer substations manufactured for “Kazakhmys”. “DonetskiyEnergozavod “ (included
into SPC “Mining machines”) has been manufacturing them since 2000 offering to the customers modifications with various related power, from 100 kVA up to 1250 kVA


Transformer substations KTPV

Transformer substations are designed for receiving, quick transformation and further distribution of energy among consumers.

Complete transformer explosion proof substations KTPV type supply equipment with 3 phase electric current in underground mines with hazardous gaseous (methane) and dusty environment. Degree of explosion protection - RV-4V-3V-Ia (Exdial) according to GOST 12.2.020-76. Protection category is ensured by casings - JP54 according to GOST 14254-96.

Substations are performed as integral aggregate which consists of high voltage distributing device (6 kV), power transformer of dry type and low voltage distributing device mounted at one frame as a saddle with the possibility for attaching wheel pairs from mine cars.

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