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The strongest will Win in the Competitive Struggle


As to its intellectual potential Mining Machines Company does not concede designers of new types of similar mining equipment produced abroad. The Company has fruitful cooperation with companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland in the field of joint design and production of mining equipment for extra complicated conditions of operation.

Production of equipment at the Company's enterprises, which complies with world standards was made possible with implementation of the plant technical upgrading program by installation of up-to-date metal-cutting and testing equipment.

It should be specially noted that production and commissioning of a test bench at Druzhkovsky Engineering Factory OJSC, which allows testing shields of a powered roof support for cyclic loads. There are only several benches in the world. Its main advantage is that it allows simulating specific mining and geological conditions of the longwall face, in which shields of the powered roof support will be tested with very high degree of probability.

Products quality increase and labor productivity growth at the plant are provided by introduction of up-to-date high-tech machining centres such as:

  • BLUETURN450 vertical turning lathe for machining parts of neck bush type and other parts 50 - 250 mm in diameter;
  • BLUESTAR5+ horizontal mill for machining housings of hydraulic blocks;
  • BIGLIA B470SM machining centre with back turning spindel for complex machining of parts of valve group.

All products manufactured by Druzhkovsky Engineering Factory OJSC comply with ISO 9001:2000.

Active upgrading of production in combination with engineer ideas allowed Druzhkovsky Engineering Factory OJSC to master a number of new types of products in the last two years:

  • 0.9DT and DTR supports with specific resistance of 80 t/m2 for mining thin seams 0.9 – 1.5 m thick with heavy roofs;
  • DMS support for plough and shearer systems. The weight of this support is 25-30% less than that of the basic analogue of DN support and it is intended for mining seams 0.8 - 1.4 m thick with light roofs;
  • UKS, KS, MKS face-end supports and special tail shields of powered roof supports with inverse arms, which provide propping in zone of scraper conveyor drives and their advancing­. The use of these supports reduces labor intensity and time costs at end operations of linkage “longwall face - entry” and thus, provides the growth of loads on fully-mechanized longwall face by 10-20% minimum at the expense of growth of the machine time factor of extraction equipment.
  • scraper conveyors with big life cycle, including two-speed conveyors of KSD type, which allow increasing a longwall face length to 300-350 m, reducing scopes of development operations and specific costs during end operations.
  • AV-8T explosion-proof storage battery locomotive.
  • new types of KShF3, KShF4 hoisting pulleys with lining on rope pulling rim.

New equipment created by the Company complies by its technical characteristics with the best foreign analogues, but its cost is much lower. Cost of imported powered roof supports and face machines is 1.5 - 2.5 times higher and that of spare parts is 2 - 5 times higher than cost of up-to-date domestic analogues.

Coal production volumes are reduced in the European countries in recent years; the power balance is maintained, herewith, either at the expense of increase of coal purchase volumes in South Africa, Australia, China, Russia or at the expense of own nuclear power industry development. The numerous machine-building companies operating at their own coal market were forced to find additional markets for their products. These are, first of all, companies located in Germany, England, Poland, Czech Republic, with which Mining Machines SIC has successful competition.

The absence of western equipment advantages to the best domestic analogues in the Ukrainian market is explained by the fact that up-to-date equipment created in Ukraine is adapted to the maximum extent to local complicated mining and geological conditions of operation, personnel mentality, service and operation level.

Quality and reliability are the factor, which makes products of Mining Machines SIC competitive in the world and domestic markets.

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