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The Mining Machines Group Receives a $40m Credit Line


We have established and will jointly develop strong partnership relationship between the Mining Machines Group and Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia. This relationship goes beyond financial cooperation and suggests, for example, engagement of the bank's experts in corporate workshops. Our company has launched a series of workshops about certificated instruments this February," said Marina Grashchenkova, Head of Corporate Finance Department, Mining Machines.

"Our bank has a strong track record of establishing long-term relationships with Ukraine's big businesses. Mining Machines enjoys good demand for their products on the market of mining equipment, which is proved by a more than two-fold increase in the 2010 revenue compared to a year before and the ambitious plans to enter new sales markets. The bank regards it as evidence of financial stability of the Mining Machines Group as a borrower and the Company's perspectives," noted the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia Marina Bykova.

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