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Technologies of Mining Machines SIC - for New Longwall Face of Belorechenskaya Mine


On June 21, Belorechenskaya SOJSC commissioned a new longwall face, which was turnkey equipped with coal extraction system produced by Mining Machines SIC. For the first 24-hours of operation the longwall face output amounted to about 3.5 thousand tons of coal and in August plan to increase the output almost 1.5 times and brought on grass 5 thousand tons of "black gold" per day.

“Having received an order we understood that this longwall face should become one of the most high-capacity ones not only in Lugansk Oblast, but in the whole Ukraine. Thus, Belorechenskaya Mine was proposed the optimal technical solutions”, ValeriyKrupitskiy, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales of Mining Machines SIC noted. The following was included into coal mining equipment set delivered to Belorechenskaya Mine: KDk-500 shearer, KSD-27 scraper conveyor, shields of 3KD90 powered roof support.

“We studied a possibility of the longwall face equipage with foreign mining equipment. The performed comprehensive analysis of equipment options convinced us that equipment produced by Mining Machines SIC is adapted to the highest extent for complicated mining and geological conditions of the mine. The Company has a serious experience of design and production of coal equipment equipment; therefore, we decided to select this equipment”, VitaliyVasilyev, Director of Belorechenskaya GOJSC told.

Equipment produced by Mining Machines SIC solves urgent tasks concerning increase of process level of coal extraction at many mines in Lugansk Oblast. “It is strategically correct that Belorechenskaya Mine uses domestic equipment because this choice is strengthening of the Ukrainian economy”, ValeriyGolenko, Chairman of Lugansk Regional Council underlined. - It is pleasant to understand that introduced equipment complies with all up-to-date requirements of miners, leaving behind foreign companies by some parameters”.

Equipment delivered by Mining Machines SIC has an increased warranty overhaul period; it is accompanied by supervision of the Engineering and Technical Centre specialists and creation of consignment stores of spare parts. 

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