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Strategic Partnership of Mining Machines SIC and Prominvestbank: Development of Science-Intensive Industry and Upgrading of Coal Companies of Ukraine


Thus, Mining Machines SIC attracted 20 million hryvnas for documentary operations for new process equipment purchase and tender guarantee provision. Mining Machines SIC also increased the existing credit line from 16 to 22 million dollars and attracted additional 40 million dollars for the working capital financing.

“We are deeply satisfied to see the growth dynamics of Mining Machines SIC, its management professionalism and strict compliance with contractual obligations. The Bank considers cooperation with Mining Machines as strategic partnership because the Company is one of our largest corporate clients today”, VladislavKravets, member of Prominvestbank Board underlined.

“The growth of mining equipment sales for mining companies in Ukraine and abroad, which is observed in our company, as well as parallel process of production capacities upgrading require additional financial resources. Prominvestbank has never failed, it is a reliable business partner in the process of our development, which proposes optimal financial solutions. We always feel great professional assistance of colleagues from Prominvestbank represented by Sergey Moroz, Director of the Legal Support Department and Sergey Sankov, Director of the Industry Department, who understand perfectly the specificity of the machine building business”, Marina Grashchenkova, Head of Corporate Finances Department of Mining Machines SIC, notes. 

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