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SICMining Machines equips new longwall face in Rostov oblast, Russia


Manufacturing of AFC SP326 for longwall face, AFC SP251.13 for gallery and BSL were a final chord of a comprehensive programme on face equipment with state-of-the-art high performance machinery by SIC Mining Machines.

The company has already shipped 172 sections of powered roof support 09DT equipped with electrohydraulic control system of a leading German manufacturer, which allows to support and operate at face working area. The powered roof support is supplied complete with IR section positioner sensor, built-in LEDs and a computer for underground installation. Guarantee period covers 18 months and overhaul life is 10,000 move cycles.

In January Obukhovsk mine administration received a drill-loader (BPR) which speed up entries preparation using drill-and-fire method and UDK400 shearer, equipped with radio control box with remote control option. All these improve safety for miners while working in the face.

Obukhovsk mine administration ranks among the most successful mining companies in Rostov region. It produces about 1.7 mio t/y of high quality anthracite. In 2012 the yield came up to 388,000 tonnes of coal.

As Igor Fomenko, Sales and Marketing Director of SIC Mining Machines, indicated, using state-of-the-art machinery for new longwall face will result into production capacity exceeding 2.5th. tonnes of coal per day and will improve work environment at the face.

SIC Mining Machines presented the miners with a compact face model assembled at Kamensky Engineering Factory (an asset of SIC Mining Machines) using 12 powered roof support sections. This model specially designed for training the specialists of Obukhovsk mine administration, to show them the process of assembly, installation and connection of the equipment, also includes UDK400 shearer. Igor Fomenko highlighted that SIC Mining Machines engineers drew up special tutorial for miners, to provide maximum information about the peculiarities of new equipment operation.

Currently Mining Machines specialists are working on the next face equipment project for the same mine administration. They have already produced conveyors for both face and gallery. Fifty sections of powered roof support with BD control system and two sections of face-end support UKS are now being assembled at Druzhkovsky Engineering Factory (SIC Mining Machines). The order package will also include a UDK 200-250 shearer. 

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