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SIC Mining Machines to present the best specimens of its equipment at Ugol Rossii and Mining Trade Fair


2DTR powered roof support is designed by SIC Mining Machines engineers specially for coal mines with hard geological conditions. The roof support is designed for mechanization of roof supporting at face working area, roof cave-in control and for conveying at medium steep seams tunneling with thickness of 1,8–3,5 m at the gaseous-and-dusty mines including extreme explosion hazard level mines. 2DTR key advantages are high load bearing capacity of the sections (over 850kN/m2); double pass between the conveyor and roof support sections at initial position; separate skid of «catamaran» type with separate control of the hydraulic legs which facilitates its operation at soft soil. Pressing console improves safety at tunneling seams with thickness over 2,5m.

New generation KDK500 shearer is designed for the extraction of coal at the seams with thickness of 1.35-3.55m.The machine is equipped with the chainless feed system featuring the frequency adjustment of the feed rate, resulting into speed up to 20 m/min. Remote control provides acoustic monitoring when the shearer is out of operator’s sight, continuous measurement of methane concentration and machine location in the face. Verification of working faces operated with DK500 shearer shows stable increase of average daily production up to 6697 t/day, and doubling labour efficiency. For the present moment KDK500 shearer with actuator power increased up to 700 kW is successfully operated at Sedkinskoye, LLC Mining Administration.

Tunneling equipment is presented with upgraded KPD tunneling machine. Its major design peculiarities are brand new rotating section version of the conveyor, without flexible plates; high speed shaft bearings pressure lubrication system of operating head gearbox; working fluid cooling system. For the present moment over 40 machines of this type are operated in coal mines of Ukraine and CIS countries.

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